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The company

Compag Handels GmbH is your number one choice for raw materials and byproducts.

Compag is a company of the Brantner group (www.brantner.com ).
We operate in 13 countries of Central and Eastern Europe and expand continuously.

Our activities:
      We develop and find new applications for existing products
      We look for alternative materials for defined applications

Our services:
       Respectful interaction with our partners
       Competent consulting, reliability and flexibility
       Continuous delivery/purchasing of products
       Product-related customized solutions and services

       For producers: Innovative ways and methods & efficient applications
                               for their raw materials and byproducts
       For customers: Constant quality of products and services
       For the staff: Employment security in a growing company
       For the environment: Intelligent use of raw materials and byproducts saves resources

We look forward to start a successful cooperation with you.

Your Compag team