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Our offer to industrial companies:
     Purchasing of organic and mineral byproducts
     Supply of alternative raw materials and secondary products

Frequently, producers face severe problems with byproducts resulting from industrial production.

We review the existing applications of your byproducts and develop new ones.

The interaction of knowledge and experience provided by the producers with our
profound know how and market knowledge will enable the development of new distribution channels and interesting solutions for using your specific byproducts.

Compag offers following types of removal:
                         aufzaehlung_gruen_weiss.jpgcomplete arrangement (outsourcing)
                         aufzaehlung_gruen_weiss.jpgarrangement for partial quantities
                         aufzaehlung_gruen_weiss.jpgarrangement for faulty batches

Warehouse keeping enables us to counterbalance fluctuating production by the specific producer. Therefor, we are able to ensure continuous supply to our customers.

Our customers highly appreciate us as reliable and flexible partner.

Our main credit points
     aufzaehlung_gruen_weiss.jpgexcellent knowledge of markets and technologies
     aufzaehlung_gruen_weiss.jpghighly committed, competent and creative staff
     aufzaehlung_gruen_weiss.jpginternational networking
form the basis for sustained and long-term supplier and customer relations.

We are pleased to develop a concept for the use of your specific byproduct(s)
or submit you an offer for the supply of raw materials.